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A physiotherapist by experience and education, Sherilyn Daquis took the usual route of a new but ambitious immigrant – worked her way up from physiotherapist aide positions, challenged the licensure examinations and successfully passed the requirements, and continues to enhance her skills and knowledge. In June 2011, she began to treat patients at her own Maples Physiotherapy Clinic in Winnipeg.

Her career in Canada began when she worked as rehabilitation assistant at Grace General Hospital and Seven Oaks Hospital while preparing for the licensure examinations. She took the licensure exams in 2009 and passed the practical component of the national exams in 2010. From June 2009 to April 2011, she worked at the Concordia Physiotherapy Clinic. For Sherilyn, she knew early on that her bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy that she completed in the Philippines was key to her attaining her goal of becoming a licensed physiotherapist in Canada. Sherilyn took it a step further by establishing her own clinic.


An initial assessment will be done during your first visit. The initial visit usually requires an hour of your time. On your first visit remember to bring the following: ...
1 Std.
Prices Vary


I accept nearly all major insurance plans.  

Our clinics can do a direct bill to your insurance. Call our clinic now to confirm your coverage.

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